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Candidates for Cochise County

Below are the candidates running for open positions in the 2018 general election. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th. Get out and vote!

County Clerk Of Court

The clerk maintains court case files; certifies documents; collects fees; issues summonses, subpoenas, and marriage licenses; and performs other duties required by law, e.g., acts as an acceptance agency for passports.

Cochise County Superior Court Clerk

Judicial Circuit Court (1)

Justices of the Superior court are responsible for: 1. Cases and proceedings in which exclusive jurisdiction is not vested by law in another court. 2. Cases of equity and at law which involve the title to or possession of real property, or the legality of any tax, impost, assessment, toll or municipal ordinance. 3. Other cases in which the demand or value of property in controversy amounts to one thousand dollars or more, exclusive of interest and costs. 4. Criminal cases amounting to felony, and cases of misdemeanor not otherwise provided for by law. 5. Actions of forcible entry and detainer. 6. Proceedings in insolvency. 7. Actions to prevent or abate nuisance. 8. Matters of probate. 9. Divorce and for annulment of marriage. 10. Naturalization and the issuance of papers therefor. 11. Special cases and proceedings not otherwise provided for, and such other jurisdiction as may be provided by law.

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3