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Candidates for Valley County

Below are the candidates running for open positions in the 2018 general election. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th. Get out and vote!

County Legislative

Commissioners are elected from their district and make up both the executive and legislative branches of county government, and are thus responsible for making and enacting the laws and local ordinances. This includes managing the budget, directing spending, hiring government employees, and sometimes managing jails, parks, and sanitation.

District 1

District 3

County Assessor

The county assessor is primarily responsible for determining equitable values on both real and personal property for tax purposes. However, the office has one other function that is detailed and time-consuming. The assessor acts as the agent of the Department of Idaho Transportation in titling vehicles, and in handling vehicle registrations, as well as an agent for the State Department of Parks and Recreation. The law also provides that if the Governor thinks it is necessary to call up a militia, he may order the assessor to carry out a registration of all county residents liable for such service.

Valley County Assessor

County Clerk Of Court

The Clerk's Office manages court administration, which involves maintaining records, processing tickets, and providing forms and assistance. The Clerk also handles elections and licensing.

Valley County Clerk of the District Court

County Treasurer / Finance Officer

The Treasurer receives, accounts for, and manages all money belonging to the county; issues all payments and distributions; and keeps track of all receipts and expenditures.

Valley County Treasurer

County Coroner

The Coroner takes charge of a person after death if the circumstances are unknown or suspicious or if there is no physician present. The Coroner can authorize an autopsy, or open an investigation if needed, and must write a report and certify the death certificate.

Valley County Coroner

Water District

Supervisors promote conservation and protection of natural resources, and use state and local funding for conservation and education programs, to identify local natural resource conservation needs, and to provide services to land owners. The Board meets monthly to discuss conservation issues, to implement conservation projects, and conduct District business.

Valley Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors