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Kansas Candidates

Below are the candidates running for open positions in the 2018 general election. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th. Get out and vote!

US House Of Representatives

U.S. House of Representatives is one of two chambers for the federal legislature. Representatives begin the legislation process, offer amendments, and serve on committees

Congressional District 1

Congressional District 2

Congressional District 3

Congressional District 4


Governor's duties for legislature; messages; special sessions; adjournment. The governor may, on extraordinary occasions, call the legislature into special session by proclamation; and shall call the legislature into special session, upon petition signed by at least two-thirds of the members elected to each house. At every session of the legislature the governor shall communicate in writing information in reference to the condition of the state, and recommend such measures as he deems expedient. In case of disagreement between the two houses in respect of the time of adjournment, the governor may adjourn the legislature to such time as he deems proper, not beyond its next regular session.

Kansas State Governor

Secretary Of State

The Secretary of State is the chief elections officer of the state, administering elections and voter registration throughout the state. The office also files campaign finance reports and registers lobbyists. The secretary operates the business filing center, which registers business entities, trademarks, trade names, and liens made pursuant to the uniform commercial code. The secretary's publications section is responsible for publishing varioU.S. legal and informational documents for the state. This includes statutory and administrative law publications such as session laws, regulations, and the state's gazette, the Kansas Register.

Kansas State Secretary of State

State Attorney General

The Attorney General shall appear for the state, and prosecute and defend any and all actions and proceedings, civil or criminal, in the Kansas supreme court, the Kansas court of appeals and in all federal courts, in which the state shall be interested or a party, and shall, when so appearing, control the state's prosecution or defense. The Attorney General shall also, when required by the governor or either branch of the legislature, appear for the state and prosecute or defend, in any other court or before any officer, in any cause or matter, civil or criminal, in which this state may be a party or interested or when the constitutionality of any law of this state is at issue and when so directed shall seek final resolution of such issue in the supreme court of the state of Kansas. The attorney general shall have authority to prosecute any matter related to a violation of K.S.A. 12-189 or 75-5133, and amendment thereto, related to unlawful acts when the offender is an officer or employee of a city or county.

Kansas State Attorney General

State Treasurer

The Kansas State Treasurer acts as the chief financial officer for the state's bank. The State Treasurer is a member of the Pooled Money Investment Board and the Committee on Surety Bonds and Insurance, and is board trustee of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System.

Kansas State Treasurer

Commissioner Of Securities And Insurance

The major functions of the Department are to regulate and review companies for financial solvency and regulatory compliance, educate consumers, assist consumers, and license agents selling insurance products in the state.

Kansas State Commissioner of Insurance

State K12 Education Board

Responsibilities of the board include appointing a Commissioner of Education who serves as its executive director; providing a flexible and efficient delivery system to meet our students' varied and changing needs; providing an effective educator in every classroom; ensuring effective, visionary leaders in every school; promoting and encouraging best practices for early childhood programs; and, developing active communication and partnerships with families, communities, business stakeholders, constituents and policy partners

District 1

District 3

District 5

District 7

District 9

State Legislative Upper House

Kansas State Senate - District 13 (Unexpired Term)

State Legislative Lower House

Legislative authority and responsibilities include passing bills on public policy matters, setting levels for state spending, raising and lowering taxes, and voting to uphold or override gubernatorial vetoes.

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

District 13

District 14

District 15

District 16

District 17

District 18

District 19

District 20

District 21

District 22

District 23

District 24

District 25

District 26

District 27

District 28

District 29

District 30

District 31

District 32

District 33

District 34

District 35

District 36

District 37

District 38

District 39

District 40

District 41

District 42

District 43

District 44

District 45

District 46

District 47

District 48

District 49

District 50

District 51

District 52

District 53

District 54

District 55

District 56

District 57

District 58

District 59

District 60

District 61

District 62

District 63

District 64

District 65

District 66

District 67

District 68

District 69

District 70

District 71

District 72

District 73

District 74

District 75

District 76

District 77

District 78

District 79

District 80

District 81

District 82

District 83

District 84

District 85

District 86

District 87

District 88

District 89

District 90

District 91

District 92

District 93

District 94

District 95

District 96

District 97

District 98

District 99

District 100

District 101

District 102

District 103

District 104

District 105

District 106

District 107

District 108

District 109

District 110

District 111

District 112

District 113

District 114

District 115

District 116

District 117

District 118

District 119

District 120

District 121

District 122

District 123

District 124

District 125

Judicial Circuit Court (1)

District Courts are the state trial courts in Kansas. They hear matters both criminal and civil.

District 24

District 131

District 134

District 141

District 142

District 161

District 184

District 187

District 188

District 193

District 201

District 221

District 261

District 263

District 271

District 273

District 293

District 294

District 295

District 296

District 1815

District 1817

District 1818

District 1819

District 2910

District 2911

District 2912

District 2915

Judicial Circuit Court (2)

District Magistrate Judge - District 17 - Position 3

District Magistrate Judge - District 22 - Position 3

District Magistrate Judge - District 23 - Position 1

District Magistrate Judge - District 24 - Position 4