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New Mexico Candidates

Below are the candidates running for open positions in the 2018 general election. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th. Get out and vote!

US Senate

The U.S. Senate is one of two chambers of the federal legislature. Senators are responsible for writing and passing legislation, approving presidential appointments, and ratifying treaties with foreign countries.

U.S. Senate - New Mexico

US House Of Representatives

U.S. House of Representatives is one of two chambers for the federal legislature. Representatives begin the legislation process, offer amendments, and serve on committees

Congressional District 1

Congressional District 2

Congressional District 3


State executive

New Mexico Governor

Secretary Of State

Official responsible for maintaining state records and managing elections

New Mexico Secretary of State

State Attorney General

Chief law enforcement officer and legal advisor to the state government

New Mexico Attorney General

State Auditor

Official responsible for vetting state finances

New Mexico State Auditor

State Treasurer

Official responsible for receiving and managing state public funds

New Mexico State Treasurer

Commissioner Of Public Lands

Official responsible for managing all state lands and mineral rights, as well as overseeing leases and royalties on state land

New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands

State K12 Education Board

Members of a body that advises the Secretary of Education on policy

District 2

District 3

District 5

District 6

District 7

State Public Services Board / Public Regulation / Corporation Commissioner (Ok)

Members of a body that regulates the utilities, telecommunications, and motor carrier industries to ensure fair and reasonable rates, and to assure reasonable and adequate services to the public as provided by law.

District 2

District 4

District 5

State Legislative Lower House

Legislative authority and responsibilities include passing bills on public policy matters, setting levels for state spending, raising and lowering taxes, and voting to uphold or override gubernatorial vetoes.

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

District 13

District 14

District 15

District 16

District 17

District 18

District 19

District 20

District 21

District 22

District 23

District 24

District 25

District 26

District 27

District 28

District 29

District 30

District 31

District 32

District 33

District 34

District 35

District 36

District 37

District 38

District 39

District 40

District 41

District 42

District 43

District 44

District 45

District 46

District 47

District 48

District 49

District 50

District 51

District 52

District 53

District 54

District 55

District 56

District 57

District 58

District 59

District 60

District 61

District 62

District 63

District 64

District 65

District 66

District 67

District 68

District 69

District 70

District Attorney

District 11

Judicial Appellate Court

New Mexico Court of Appeals Judge - Position 1

New Mexico Court of Appeals Judge - Position 2

New Mexico Court of Appeals Judge - Position 3

New Mexico Court of Appeals Judge - Position 4

New Mexico Court of Appeals Judge - Position 5

Judicial Circuit Court (1)

District 3

District 6

District 7

District 12