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Candidates for Douglas County

Below are the candidates running for open positions in the 2018 general election. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th. Get out and vote!

District Attorney

Legal advisor, a prosecutor of criminal matters, the Chief legal representative of the county in civil cases, and as ex-officio coroner

Douglas County Prosecuting Attorney

County Legislative

Chief Executive of the county organization. They enact local ordinances and administer them.

District 3

County Assessor

County assessors value and assess property tax

Douglas County Assessor

County Auditor

The county auditor must audit all bills approved for payment by the board of county commissioners before warrants are issued

Douglas County Auditor

County Clerk

Keep a record of all appearances and the date of filing of pleadings, a calendar for all scheduled proceedings and a daily record of the proceedings

Douglas County Clerk

County Sheriff

Provide emergency response, law enforcement and public safety services

Douglas County Sheriff

County Treasurer / Finance Officer

Acts as the "bank" for the county, school/fire/water districts. The office receipts, disburses, invests and accounts for the funds of each of these entities

Douglas County Treasurer

Judicial Circuit Court (2)

District courts have jurisdiction over both criminal and civil cases. They have criminal jurisdiction over misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and criminal traffic cases. Jurisdiction in civil cases includes those with damages up to $100,000 for injury to individuals or personal property, as well as penalty and contract disputes up to $100,000. District courts also have jurisdiction over traffic and non-traffic infractions. District courts may also issue domestic violence and anti-harassment protection orders and no-contact orders. They have jurisdiction to hear name change petitions and certain lien foreclosures. Small claims are limited to money claims of up to $5,000 in which each party is generally self represented.

Judge of District Court - Douglas County